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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ailerons complete, on to the flaps

Wow, I can't believe it has been a week since my last post.  I was a bit busy with work last week though, but no excuse.  ;-)  This weekend I was able to finish up the second Aileron, and did a lot of work on the wiring and rigging in the wing.  Just some random pictures here.  I might send my wiring pics around to some other homebuilders to get a feel for how I am doing.

Here are some pics Bekah took as we did the final riveting on the left aileron.

Here you see the Autopilot roll servo and bell crank complete.  Things to look at here are the torque seal, the primed spacer tubes, the 7 wire connection is basically D-sub pins and sockets surrounded individually by shrink tubing then the entire bundle in a larger heat shrink tube.  Also where I exited the conduit, I used a zip tie and RTV silicon to prevent chafing.  The wire naturally pulls itself away from the servo bell crank parts, but I also used a sticky zip tie holder that is used by homebuilders in general to tie off electric wiring.  If you ask me this will last 20 years in a high vibration environment.  Oh, and also note the cable RG-58 for the wingtip antena.  I routed it around the aileron servo and used bushings through the rib web.  Van's said this was OK.  I also did some work on the pitot tube electrical, and will get some pictures up of that shortly. 

I also got a healthy start on the flaps; Fitting the skeletons together and drilling out the hinge.  You can see the clamps I used to keep the hinge inline while I drilled.

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