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Monday, June 15, 2009

Rudder Trailing Edge

Finished the Rudder trailing edge and am happy with the results. A few things if I could do it over again would be to use a fixed flush set vs. the swivel flush set that I have. It would have allowed for more accurate rivet setting since the swivel set was all over the place when backriveting. Also, other builders have used back rivet plates that run the length of the rudder, it would allow for the entire process to happen without moving the rudder or the plate, and definitely would have allowed for more precise outcome.
The Epoxy did get on the outside of the aluminum, but I think I can get it off there without any damage. Also, during painting it can be sanded down if necessary. The back riveting here is a slow process, every 10th or so rivet to start, then slowly come back and knock them down a bit further until they are smooth. Lots of patience and lots of time is needed for this job. My edge came out 99.99% straight and I am happy with it. This was tough, just glad it is done !


  1. Let me know when you do your elevators. I have a big steel L-beam that works great as a back riveting plate.

  2. Comment above from Rob K.


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