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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rudder Skeleton

Started piecing out the rudder skeleton which seems a bit confusing if you follow the directions, but following the plans makes perfect sense. I think the riveting sequence will be pretty important because there seems to be lots of places where you can rivet something blocking access to future rivets (riveting yourself into a corner) if you are not careful. The Control horn rivets directly through many pieces of metal and a shim that you need to make from scrap. Actual size shim on the plans made it easy. I followed the trick from Brad's website (from my home page) where he only drilled the center hole in the shim, then used it as a centering point to match drill the other two in assembly and make for a perfect fit. All in all it went well, Oh, I did need to break the edges of the top rudder horn quite a bit to get the lower rib to lay flat against it. You will know what I mean if you are building one.

I laid the skeleton on the side of one of the skins and it looks good. Note, some builders may have a problem with the 4th stiffener from the bottom where the spar reinforcement plate is, this stiffener you will want to make sure is no longer than 1/4 inch off center of the most forward rivet hole.

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