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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Disassemble Rudder for Priming

Today I took the rudder apart and deburred/dimpled the skins and all skeleton components. Also, drilled out the holes for; and machine countersunk the lead counterweight. I bet I will be the only RV-7 flying around with a dimpled tooling hole behind the counterwight. Yes, I dimpled the wrong one, but will just leave it this way. Won't cause any problems and the dimple will probably add extrastrength, better than flattening it anyway and making it weaker than to begin with. Other than that everything is set and all the metal is in top shape for the prep process before priming. Hopefully will get to that before the weekend so I can start riveting and seeing real progress on this rudder. This part has taken longer than others thus far and there seems to be more rivets per square inch than any other part thus far as well.

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