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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rudder Skeleton Final Assembly

After backriveting the rudder stiffeners, I finished up the Rudder Skeleton. Was pretty happy how this turned out since I was able to put a solid rivets in everywhere. The primer in the rivet holes got pushed out with the rivets, so I used some green self etching primer and a small brush to "wet rivet" the holes. in the pictures you can see some areas where the green primer shows. Doesn't look as good, but definitely is better for the plane in the long run.

Also when installing the counterweight I had to file away some of the lead to make a perfect fit around some of the shop heads, you can see in the picture that the weight sits on the bottom of the tray nestled in with the rivet shop heads.

After the Skeleton, I started to rivet the skins in place. No pictures of this, but the process was straight forward other than some fancy longeron Yoke usage to get those rivets squeezed inside the Rudder Support Block. ;-)

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