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Monday, June 22, 2009

Elevator Prep

Lots of work done on the elevators over the last few days, but no pics. Bekah took the camera on a horse drive in California and all I have is my I-Phone and a 12mp camera which I am too lazy to use for photos and the size is just too big for me to have fun with. So I will just talk about what I have done and get pics in as I work the left side.

I have Cut/Primed/Backriveted stiffeners to both R and L Elevators. Bent the Right Elevator skin using the home made pressbrake and ended up with a very clean edge. Excited about how that turned out. I did us a 1/8th inch dowel in the trailing edge to make sure I didn't accidentily crease the edge.

I also have completed the right elevator skeleton and match drilled the skin, so now ready to prime the skeleton and get onto final assembly with the right elevator.

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