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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rudder Trailing Edge

Things went really well this weekend, I got further along than I thought. Now time to deal with the dreaded trailing edge. Basically, you glue it together and then put the rivets all the way through it and back rivet them making the shop head flush on the other side of the skin. The trailing edge is so thin that the rivets actually go right through it. You will see more pictures later. But the first part is to get that trailing edge glued absolutely straight and I think I got it. Note, I primed the entire rudder skin, so roughed up the primer on the edge a bit where the trialling edge "wedge" slides in. I didn't prime the wedge, but used alodine on it, so not worried about that. Most people don't even prime this because the recommended pro seal won't stick to primer. I used an epoxy I found at Home Depot and it worked great. The epoxy was thick enough to stick and work with on the insides of the skin and wedge. I am really happy with it and with the 50 minute cure time I had plenty of time to get it set up. It was only 5 bucks and the size container was just perfect. Also, I used aluminum channel pre-drilled to match the skins and it all just worked out so well. (got that idea from Mikes RV project you can find on my home page)

Now, to see if I ended up gluing my channel pieces to the rudder. HOPE NOT..

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