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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Control Cables

In the last week or so I have been working on odds and ends..  Nothing very glamorous, but  still making progress.   I received a braided ground strap, that fits great between the engine and the battery terminal.  This is needed to ground the engine since the starter grounds directly through the engine case. (sorry for sideways photo)  Also, I did some final paint, including the FAB (induction box) and engine controls bracket.  With the engine control bracket painted I installed the prop and mixture controls and hopefully won’t have to remove them ever again.  I need to wait on installing the throttle control, since it has to go through the center tunnel cover which hasn't been drilled yet.

I chose to run both Prop and Mixture through the center pedal support which worked out great.   A grommet with a  large hole fit both cables and holds them secure.  Also ran the Alt Engine Air cable through the bracket.

Finally I installed and cut the parking brake cable.  Fits nicely and functions very smooth.  I am really glad I did the parking brake.  It was easy to install and will be super useful down the road.  Also note my location is such that I can reach in while standing outside the plane to release the parking brake !  It always bothers me on planes where you have to jump in side or climb on the wing to release the brake.

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