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Monday, July 9, 2012

Panel and Avionics

I think I am making progress, but sometimes it’s hard to tell.   Maybe over my head a bit right now with wires, but soon they will find their correct path.  One wire at a time like everyone tells me, but if that is the case then where did all these hundreds of wires come from..   ;-)

I can’t really explain all the stuff I did since I am kind of in autopilot and just cranking away at the next item that calls my attention..  I will do my best to cover what happened this weekend.  I found good routing for the Arinc wiring but haven’t connected it yet, also included the pilot mic and headset wiring with this path..   I installed the harnesses to the back of the radio trays and wired up the antennas to the GTN.  Installed the Gemini and fired it up for the first time.  Riveted the frame around the panel so that I don’t have to worry about this later.   Basically my panel is completely cut except for the seat heat switches, ELT, and annunciators.  I think I am pretty happy how it is turning out.  Eventually it will be a dark grey, probably same color as the carpets when I get them.  I also started hooking up the Dynon D-37 pin connector which is the main backbone of the Dynon.   I connected the GPS antenna, also ran the wiring from the Dynon to the VP-X.  All power and ground wires are ran for the Skyview but I am too chicken to turn it on right  now.    ;-)

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