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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Panel Progress

Continuing to make progress, I have now cut the panel for the Sky view and almost all my other components.   At this point I only have two breaker switches to install and the cutout for the ELT switch left to go.   I also mounted nutplates to my Com 2 (hidden) com that mounts behind (on the forward side of) the subpanel.  These nutplates will allow me to remove the unit with a screwdriver from the easily accessible front of the subpanel.

Also, I cut into the subpanel for the recess on the GTN650 and reinforced it as necessary.  The sides of the cutout will have additional angles that help support the mounting tray..  The top has an additional angle riveted in place and the bottom has a 90 degree bend from the subpanel itself adding strength.   I found a great way to include the Sky View mounting bolts with the supporting rib that had to be relocated to make room for the Sky View.  Also, the rear of this rib gets riveted into a section between the "hat" section no the forward part of the subpanel.  Everything is fitting together pretty well at this point, definitely doing all I can to think ahead as I go through this process.  Don't worry about all those ink lines and general look of the metal, this will be cleaned up and look beautiful when complete.  

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