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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Firewall Hinges; VP-X Install

Its been a busy week on the plane, I am trying to get everything ready to torque the engine mount for good and get it up on its landing gear.  Part of the problem is that the cowl is secured by the hinges you see in the photos below, but these can't be riveted to the firewall when the engine mount is on.  So its good to do this earlier than indicated in the instructions.  Also, you are taking a bit of a chance doing this since you can't measure them exactly, but I left part of them free so that I can trim the upper section if necessary.   Also, I am going to redo the lower hinges, I will replace them with a plate and use camlocs to secure the bottom of the lower cowl.  The hinges work great, but due to high vibrations in this area, some builders loose some eyelets on the hinges and end up replacing them anyway.

Onto the VP-X..  I got the VP-X Pro which is a dual bus Electronic circuit breaker system.  These units are amazing and kind of act as a brain box for the electrical system.  Everything plugs into it and it allows for tons of cool functionality that will be covered in future posts.  The big thing is that it replaces all my circuit breakers electronically, so I will only have a few back up ones that I have to install.   Now the VP-X itself is a single point of failure, so I will be backing it up with a separate bus powering a few essential systems, but will go into that later.

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