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Monday, January 16, 2012

Brakes and Initial Power Wiring

Over the last few days I worked through a couple options on the brakes.  I think I decided on this as my final solution.  Basically I used the stainless wrapped flexible lines that Vans supplied with the kit.  These originally were meant to be used at the brake pedals themselves, but I ordered black lines from Bonaco for better look and improved performance.  With these leftovers, I was able to bypass the requirement to create a loop around the axle with the hard tube.  The loop is designed to allow flex and keep it from braking.  This works fine, but the only problem is every time you replace brake pads you need to bend the metal tube.  With this set up, the flexible tube will allow the caliper to move around no problem during service and via a brake pad replacement.  The good news is I used the tube from Vans, so didn’t have to order any new.  Win Win if you ask me.  At this point nothing is torqued, but I have my break system complete !

Also, I worked on my initial power wiring.   I took a #6 AWG from the master relay to the VP-X.   All power will run through this wire.  I also took a #8 and ran it up to a battery bus which will power the below:

Battery Bus:
  • 5 Amp Electronic Ignition (Switched and breaker)
  • 2 Amp Dome Light (Switched - always hot)
  • 10 Amp Power Receptacle (un-switched - always hot)
  • 2 Amp Glare shield  (Switched - always hot)
  • 20-30 amp  ( Switched VP-X Bypass / Endurance bus)  ***  This will include diodes  ***

 #8 AWG for this might be a bit heavy of wire, but I had the wire and it is a very short run, so no weight issues.  For the 20-30 amp VP-X Bypass I will be using #12 most likely.  The VP-X bypass will be an interesting circuit.  Basically I will pick a few key items that will be backed up by this bus.   They need to be backed up in case the Battery Switch, Master Relay, VP-X Itself, Wiring between switch and relay, or wiring between relay and VP-X, fail.   Also, for those familiar this will function like an endurance bus if the alternator fails.

In general, this will enable fully separate fused power circuits so the below items can be run off a single switch directly to the battery.   Individual Diodes will be in line for each circuit so it won’t back feed the rest of the electrical system.

VP-X Bypass / Endurance Bus
  •  GTN Com 1
  • GTN Main Power GPS
  •  True Track Gemini
  • Audio Panel

 Skyview will not be on this switch since it has an internal battery backup.

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