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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pilot Stick Grip

While I wait for the engine I decided it was a good time to tackle the pilot stick grip.  I went with the Ray Allen G207..  This stick has 7 switches that I will be using as follows:

  • Pitch Trim up
  • Pitch Trim down
  • Roll Trim left
  • Roll Trim right
  • Pilot Push to Talk
  • Auto Pilot Disconnect
  • Radio Frequency Toggle (most likely)

I love the look of this stick grip, but wiring it was a pain.  First off I wired as indicated in the G207 instructions, if you use a VP-X, you can't wire it like this, so I had to rewire part of it.  Also, the terminals need to be soldered and they are extremely small which adds to the complexity.

I temporarily added the engine control bracket to get a feel for where the stick was going to be.  I ended up cutting off just about 2 inches off the pilot stick..  The top of the Ray Allen adds about 1.5 inches, so I am now about .5 inch shorter than Van's supplied stick.   I still may take off another 1/2 inch or so, but need to research it a bit.   I can always come back later and shorten it with the pipe cutter.

Sorry for the blurry pics, I have been using my I-Phone 4S but its not as great at point and click as they say..  So soon it will be back to the cannon for me.

Update:   Here is some additional work on the wiring down through the stick.   I will join this in with a d-sub connector, or just additional pins and heat shrink..  Depending on what best fits the run of the wire when complete.   Also, this pic was taken with the Cannon, much better quality.

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