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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finished Fuel Lines, Ran conduit up firewall

I have done a few odds and ends lately that I won’t list, but the standout progress is on the fuel lines and electrical.  First off, I think I am finished with all my tube bending and flaring that needs to happen on the fuel lines !  Yay !  Basically from each wing tank, through the fuse, through the fuel selector, through the fuel pump, and now along the floor to the Firewall, I have now connected everything.   This 3/8 inch tube is tough to work with so am glad it is done, I just hope I don’t have to rework anything down the road.  It’s funny, because almost each piece along the run I had to make a couple times, meaning there is just as much tube in my trash can as in my airplane.  Good thing it isn’t that expensive.  Also, I have borrowed my tube bending and flaring tools from a fellow builder.  Time to give them back to him for good !


I also ran conduit from under the floor cover, up the firewall.   I chose to do it on both sides since I will have quite a bit of electrical wires that will be involved.   So now, it’s pretty simple to run wires up through there and also looks good with the other black components in the cockpit.  Having this complete I am almost to the point where I can rivet the firewall recess..  This will need to be done before the engine is hung.

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