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Friday, December 9, 2011

We have Flaps

Over the last couple days I worked on the flap egress holes..  The egress holes are holes right through the bottom of the fuse where the flap pushrods go.  I started by just mounting the flap bolt/bearing without the pushrod, then found where it contacted the fuse and trimmed to fit.   Basically this takes you up the side of the fuse a bit and underneath.  Vans marks places where this hole starts too which helps.  Once the bearing was clear, I lowered the flaps all the way to see where the rod ended up.  Cut the hole to that location using my dremel and a small sanding drum... Then wouldn't you know it after about 2 hours on the first side, and a third hour on the second side I have flaps.  They work great, up, down, up, down..  Bekah even likes them.  ;-)

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