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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Fuel line plumbing, Wing Nutplates, Battery, Starter Relay Bar

I got lots accomplished this weekend and don't know where to start logging it..  First off I finished all misc items needed while the wings were mounted, namely the fuel line tubing is now complete.  I will pull these apart and save them for the next year or so until the wings are finally mounted for good.  These complex bends in 3/8 inch tubing are a pain and I am just really glad they are done.

 After the plumbing was complete I pulled the wings and finished up all the nutplates and misc items to get the wings ready for final assembly.  This piece alone took about 3-4 hours, much longer than I expected..  Drilling all those nutplates is crazy...  Some of them were countersunk, some dimpled, different nutplates were needed for each scenario..  It wasn't trivial, but doable.

After the wings were complete I put them back in the cradle reorganized the entire garage and started do to some minor work on the firewall.   From here forward it is pretty much going to be all firewall, and electrical work.  In fact, pretty soon the plane will be on its own gear..  For now I mounted the battery, and also connected the Battery and Starter relays with the Copper Bar as indicated in the plans..  There are many amps that go through this connection when starting the engine, so it needs to be solid.

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