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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Couple sad days for us and work on the Overhead Console

Things have been rocky for the last few days.  First off, Bekah and I have lost our little dog Levi earlier this week.  He was a Cocker Spaniel who was 14.5 years old and outlived all his litter.  We loved him tons, were so sad to lose him, and will remember him always.  He had an awesome life though for a little dog, Bekah took amazing care of him and he saw many sites, traveled near and far, snuck many snacks and chased tons of cats…  So when he got to the age where he couldn't manage anymore, it was difficult for all.   For now we have Libby (Wiener Dog) and Swoop (Mangy Cat) who will still keep us busy into the future.  (note: the cat in photo below is Lucky my sisters old cat)

So understandably things on the plane have been a bit slow, but I have played around with the overhead console and think I have something that we will like.   I used some LEDs and a switch/dimmer in a location where it can be reached from the ground or while in the plane.  This will be wired fused direct to the battery bus and will act like a dome light in any vehicle.  The forward facing lights shine on the pilot and passengers lap, and since dim-able will work as a map light in flight.  The Dimmer is too deep for the roll bar channel as it stands, so I fabbed up some balsa spacers coated with epoxy, painted yellow..  Adds a cool flash of color to the assembly..   Looks great and tested out works great too.

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