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Monday, October 31, 2011

ADAHRS Platform and Misc Plumbing

Now is the point in the build where you really go off script in the build which is imtimidating because until now I have been following fairly detailed directions.  There will be times when I come back to the directions, like when I attach the wings and do some final assembly, but for the most part, Electrical, Avionics, and Firewall Forward have no details.  This is because the installations vary so much between builders.  There is tons of information available for this part of the project, but it takes along time mainly because you want to be sure of everything before you go.

Today I focused on the platform for the ADAHRS, which is really the brains behind the glass cockpit..  This device will tell me tons of flight information including "Bekah's Attitude" so it needs to be installed on a level platform away from any magnetic materials.  Many builders choose to install it in a similar location as I did.  Here I will have enough room for two ADAHRS if I choose to down the road.

You can also see how I chose to route the Static line..  Eventually both the Pitot and AOA (angle of attack) lines will be routed to this location as well.  I had to split the static line so that I could route it to the ADAHRS as well as forward to the Panel..  I will have a Trutrak Gemini as back up in the panel, which is why I may only go with one ADAHRS.

After working on the static line I went ahead and installed the vents and Scat tube forward of the panel.  This may be temporary as I will probably upgrade to aviation grade tubing down the road, but these came with the kit and are good to have in place for now so I have an idea where they stand so I can run wiring effectively..
Finally, I made some "drift" pins for when it comes time to temporarily mount the wings.  That will happen after thanksgiving, but these guys are ready..  They look a bit rough, so maybe some more buffing before I use them finnaly.  These guys took way longer than I thought to make..  I will have to "sell" them if I ever give them away to another builder..   Just jokes..

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