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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Running the Trim Wire

Now I know how long wiring is going to take..  The last couple nights I have been contemplating and running the trim wire which is really a 5 wire bundle in a single sheath.  Per the pics you can see I haven't terminated it because just running it has been a bit of a challenge.  Many builders make this run in different ways, but I think I have found a reasonable path that will accommodate the tail strobe and position light as well.  I still need to do some tidying up along the route, but in general I think I am going to like this path.  Next I need to determine if I am going to put the ELT antenna run and the Outside Air Temp (OAT) out to the back deck as well.  For now I am leaning towards keeping those runs in the fuse or wings to keep center of gravity as far forward as possible.  Don't mind the string in the photo coming from the conduit under the seats.  That will always be there as I need it for future wire runs.

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