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Friday, October 7, 2011

Elevator Trim Tab Wiring

I approached my first bit of wiring on the elevator trim servo.  Most cases in aviation you don’t solder terminals or wire joints..  Where possible you try to use crimp fittings because they handle vibration better.  On the trim servo though it is difficult to work with crimp fittings since it fits into such a small interior space.  Also the wires are really small (#26)  so many people solder them.  I used multiple layers of heat Shrink to dampen the vibration.   I also chose to run the wire through the existing manual trim cable hole on the horizontal stab since I am not going to be using manual trim.  I did however drill an additional hole in the elevator as you can see because the servo actuator moves in and out of the existing hole.   Basically I think I got a pretty elegant solution here and of course it will last 20 years..  ;-)   I will be using a D-Sub connector on the top of the aft deck to connect this to the line that I have yet to run through the fuse.

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