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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Front Deck Taking Shape

This is an exciting post..   Its funny how something as simple as a single skin can change the whole look of the airplane.  This thing is coming together and looking good.  Here are some pics after I got the front deck installed and the top skin on.   Note the Brake reservoir on the firewall (opposite where plans call for it).  Also, note the panel in place.  When I put the panel in place without the skin on, the edges floated above the side rails nicely..  It seems the top skin sucked the whole assembly down so tight that I had to remove metal on the edges of the panel to get it to fit appropriately.  Don't mind the cutouts on the panel.  They aren't in any kind of accurate placement and aren't predicting what my panel will look like.

In getting to this point I fluted both the sub-panel flanges and the firewall flanges.  Also, note the bend in the firewall.  Some people pre-bend it some don't.  I put some pressure where the ribs are to get a bit of a clean bend, but other than that the bend is natural..

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