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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More on Interior Paint and some brakes

I have decided to go with a different color on the roll bar and side rails and top cross member of F-705 as I think the contrast will look great...  I am still using the two part Sherwin Wiliams Genesis paint and loving it..  But now have gone to the Satin Black for these pieces.  It is really beautiful and hard as a rock.   Coats easy with no runs, but takes a couple days to dry..  Also, since I am doing the painting in the uncontrolled environment of my garage and the side of my house I have had a few floaties and even a bug or two walking on my paint.   It frustrates me, but the casual observer won't even notice.   All in All it looks great and I am really excited about how the interior is now turning out...  This has been one of the toughest parts of building for me, just determining what the inside is going to look like.   Haven't even thought about the oustide.  Not looking forward to that at all...

Also, I did some final work on the brakes..  I went ahead and riveted them as well as bolted them into the pedals..  In aviation, everything is about attention to detail.  These cotter pins are done via the "FAA Standard" method and are perfect..   ;-)  Brakes are now ready for the Bonaco Tubing expected next week.  Also, I have identified the spot for the Grove Parking brake..  That will be installed end of next week.


  1. Hello Chad and Bekah,
    I am building an RV7A and I see that you seem happy with your choice of SW Genesis paint of the interior. Which specific series did you choose? Was it LV Premium or GC/G8? And What color is that on the floors and side walls?

  2. HI John, I don't have a way to respond directly, so will just address your comment. The Genesis I am using is the G8 I believe but will confirm when I get home. Also, the color is Satin Sandstone for the Base, and Satin Black for the trim. The Genesis is great paint but dries very slow in colder tems.


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