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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back to the Brakes

Since I got my Bonaco hoses, I took another look at the brakes today.  I was able to mount the reservoir and the parkiung brake as well as connect all fittings.   Nothing is torqued at this point, but it is fitting together pretty well.   I also got my pedal extensions from JD Air Parts and mounted them.   These are the newer models that have two clamps in the back and I wasn't sure if I mounted them upside down or not since there were no instructions.  Either way they hold very securely so I am fine for now..  Will check it out down the road and make sure I have them right.  Anyway, after my session today the interior brake components are pretty much complete.

One thing to note is I put my reservoir on the pilot side since I don't have any passenger brakes.  This makes for shorter hose runs and a more simple set up.  I confirmed with a few other builders that I won't run into any troubles with this alternate reservoir location when I get into the firewall forward.   I will take some pics of the reservior today and post.  It is mounted on the other side of the firewall when looking at the pictures below.

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