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Monday, June 14, 2010

F-704 While I am waiting for the Fuse

While I am waiting for the fuselage, I am actually starting on the F704 Bulkhead.  Traditionally this work is complete after the firewall, but since the parts came with the wing kit I am getting started, but not going to far so as I do something I might regret..

I started by opening up the holes for the Rudder Cables and electrical pass throughs to 5/8 inch.

Then I match drilled the Side Brace/Gussets and the vertical shear bars while using the AN bolts to make sure everything was on perfect center.   The vertical bars are thick and you have to drill all the way through them.  Its important to keep the drill clean and straight for this step.  Also, I worked on the 18 nutplates by counersinking the rivet heads and mounting the plates.   Note that the directions become much less clear..  Others have had issues in this area as well.  For me the big question was weather or not I countersunk where the #8 screw went on these nutplates.  It doesn't clearly say in the instructions and I have seen people actually countersink these on some other web sites.  The answer is No, only the countersink for the rivets, not the screws on F-704.  The forward seat floor covers this bulkhead and the screws are flat pan head screws that get used, so no further metal removal is necessary.

I also found out that it is recommended to dimple and then use the debur tool to remove a bit excess material when working with the side and bottom rivets to this bulkhead assembly, where it rivets to the skins.  Its a bit thick to dimple, but you want to get the strength associated vs. removing metal and reducing strength in this location.

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