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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I continued on the firewall by fabricating more parts, match drilling, and getting out the unibit to cut holes for the brake lines.  This is my first experience with stainless, and boy is it different than aluminun.  First of all, the edges are extreamly sharp..  I cut myself about 4-5 times already, just minor cuts, but enough to make me to worry about the future..  So I tried to debur with the dremal using a stone bit; the stainless pretty much just chewed up the stone.  After going through the entire bit, the edge was better, but still could slice a finger fairly easily..  Then I tried emery cloth that came from my original avery tool shipment.   This stuff worked amazingly well.  Stainless steel is either super sharp or just dull enough to where it won't cut you, but its a very fine line.  A few swipes of the emery cloth changed everything.   I have since gone through and deburred the entire thing, I was so confident, Rebekah came out and ran her finglers along all the edges.  ;-)  For the most part, I have taken the sting out of the firewall.

Here is where I drilled the floor support angle, using clamps and a drill bit for spacing.   I used some tape to keep the supporting pieces in place until a few cleco's could fit in.

Also working with the unibit was different on stainless,  I found that the slower the rpm of the bit the better.  I used tons of Boe-Lube based on Vans recommendations, but think it still dulled my Unibit.  All in all though, I was able to drill the two 7/16 inch holes and they came out pretty well.  Each phase of this project is a learning experience and working with this stainless is no different.

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