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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Firewall Final Prep

Today was a long day deburring and countersinking firewall parts.  I really tore through this stuff and actuallly got the metal ready for and even completed priming!  I also dimpled the firewall and did what I could to debur the holes.  They were all pretty clean so not a lot of deburing was necessary.  Again Emery cloth worked out well..  Even after the dimples, I was able to run some cloth along the back to further smooth out any sharpies.  I don't want to ruin my debur bit, so didn't use it all all on the stainless.

I did find that Stainless dimples pretty well, almost no difference than aluminum for this procedure..

All in all, I am now ready for the final rivet step on the firewall.  After that I move back to finish the Center bulkhead.  Then in a week or so is Arlington where I will get to see tons of RVs and talk to lots of other builders.

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