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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Since I had the garage mostly organized, I started looking for parts to the firewall.  Found most of them and started clecoing them together.   The fuselage is going to be quite different to build than the wings I can tell already.  The parts went together well, but some of the bent angles coming from Van's will probably need a bit of work as it seems angle doesn't bend that easily.   I am  not looking forward to bending the longerons since they are about 20 feet of angle I need to manually bend..  But anyway, I got the firewall clecoed together and also worked on fabricating a few additional parts.  Almost to the point where I match drill everything, then start the priming process..

The firewall is stainless steel, which is nice, but also sharp.  I already cut myself on this piece of metal once.  Its tough on tools and tough on fingers.   I will try to get a dremel with a stone tip to debur as much of it as I can.

I am not sure how much I will prime on the fuse.  I know that areas where I have to paint the interior I might wait on until right before I paint it.  Otherwise I will have to prime again.   For the firewall, I am pretty sure I will just prime it up (aside from the stainless).

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