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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Wings - Miscellanous

The weather in Seattle has been horrible this Easter weekend, which means I couldn't prime and work on the last flap which is really the final part of the wings that I need to do, besides the bottom skin.  We did have lots of family over today though so not being able to work on the plane wasn't that big of a deal.

Actually earlier in the weekend, I was able to start working on some misc stuff just to keep busy...  Also, I don't want to get down to the final stretch and have that huge list of misc items, so I am getting the work in while I can.

I picked up a labeler that prints on heat shrink tubing and started labeling the wires in my wings and installing the terminals.  A fellow RV builder down in Arizona tipped me off on the labeler.  It's great and hopefully will save lots of time down the road.  Also, you can see that I am mounting my HID Landing Light Ballast on the tip and generally finding places for the terminal blocks etc.   Nothing is permanent yet, I am using tooling holes where possible to anchor the parts.

Here are the tip and root terminal blocks.  I will be using Fast-On connectors on the root so that access is quick and easy when necessary.
I also started working on my Tip Light fixtures.   I won't get into the fiberglass work just yet, but wanted to test out building the fixture from scratch.  Well, not completely, I had some parts from the Vans kit, but I built most of it myself because I wanted a single light in the tip, and the Van's kits come with two.

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