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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bottom Skins

Starting on the right wing bottom skin.  The inner most rivets are a pain for sure.  Bekah is really helping me thorugh this frustration.  Basically we can only go for about 5 minutes, then need to take a brake to ease frustrations.  I am finding it very difficult to buck the rivets on the upper main spar flange with the nut plates right there.  I have hit the nut plate rivets a few times with the bucking bar which is not the end of the world, but is frustrating none the less.   We did make good progress and I think the worst of it is behind us.  Tomorrow we will spend an hour or so finishing up the inboard skin on the right wing.  Then we get to start over on the left.  Looking forward to that fuselage, so I dont' have to do everything twice as I have to for the wings..  ;-)

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