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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inboard Right Lower Skin

Over the last couple days I was able to finish riveting the inboard lower skin.  Next I will work on the same skin on the left wing..  Then Finally I will be to the Quickbuilt stage with my wings..   My 1 year project anniversary is coming up..  Just to get to the quickbuild wing status..  OMG...  Oh well, it was fun..

Finishing up this skin was pretty easy, just going through the access covers and bucking from underneath.  I did it with the wing in the original stand, were the instructions tell you to put it into the cradle first.  It worked out well for me this way and I didn't have to even bend the skin much to get behind all the rivets to buck as indicated in the instructions.   All in all I will do it the same way on the next wing and the next plane.  ;-)

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