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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wing Tip Landing Lights

While waiting to set up a Tech Counselor visit in early May, I started messing around with the frames for the wing tip lights.  As I said in an earlier post, I bought the Van's kit, but then realized that I had to rebuild most of it myself because I am only going to have one light in the fixture.  The Van's kit for the 7 allows for two Halogen lights in each tip.  With the 50 watt HID lights, one will be plenty bright enough.

Just a quick note..  There are some builders who haven't had much success with the tip landing lights.  I think there are three points that will help provide me with better results, also, I do think they are the coolest looking light option, so I hope they work well.

  1. I am using 50 watt HID lights, vs the halogen lights provided in the kit.  Tons more light !
  2. I have the newer wing tips that have a larger cut out and allow the light to be pointed closer to centerline.
  3. I have been able to enlarge the hole in the aluminum face dramatically since I am only using one light vs. two, so there should be less interference to the beam.

So I started measuring and cutting the fiberglass tip.  For not doing any research on this topic, I think overall it turned out pertty good.  Still need to do a bit of sanding on the inside cut, but the frame fits and looks pretty great so far.


  1. I'm struggling with wing tip lights at the moment on my RV7. Want to use 2" LED spot lights or MR16 75watt spots, set up similar to your picture. Do I understand you modified a Vans kit to produce what you have? Love to see the mounting behind.


    1. Hi Tim, I am using HID landing lights that have the same footprint as the Halogens that VANs sells, so have no familiarity with LED landing lights. I did modify the front plate that comes with the VANs kit. Basically I created a new one with a single larger hole vs. the two holes that came on the stock plate. this allows the light be located at a more significant angle with out any metal blocking the beam. With the HID Lights I am seeing that only one per wing tip is fine. - good luck. Pictures from this log entry will give you more visibility to whats behind the front plate:


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