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Monday, January 4, 2010

Misc Items - Left Tank Pressure Test Successful !

After returning from Arizona I pressure tested the Left Tank.   It took a long time to get set up correctly, but finally the test was successful !  No Leaks !   I used the water tube (manometer) test and air kept coming out of the fuel cap.   Finally I figured out how to stop it by cutting up a balloon and putting it over the cap from the back.   Will show you a pic of this next time, but it worked like a champ. 

Also, I started riveting the left leading edge and ran into some big challenges, but think I have them resolved now.   For the inner most 2 ribs I will use LP4-3 and LP4-4 Rivets as necessary.   Bucking these is impossible and Vans indicates the LP4 rivets are acceptable.  I do need to drill out a few rivets that went bad on the leading edge, but am sure it will all be salvaged shortly.  

Also, starting work on the right tank.  Deburring/dimpling holes.  Tonight I will finish the skin rough it up, clean it and get ready for the first pro-seal treatment.   Should be a pro now at this.  ;-)  The skin stiffeners are next on the list.

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