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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Right Tank done! - Happily on to next part of the project..

Today was a great day.   I am done with the right tank.  No more black death for quite a while (months or years even.. !)  Just wait now for it to dry and next weekend pressure test it.

Even on the second tank, the baffle install was tougher than I thought.   Don't underestimate this last step in the tank install.   Riveting that root Z-bracket onto the tank was impossible on both tanks.  Probably in the future I would use Cherry Max Pop rivets here.  Save a few drilled out rivets.

After the tank was done, I kept going.  Getting that second wing to the same stage as the right wing.  Then working on top skins by next weekend..  The right wing leading edge is now going on permanently.  Learned a lot on the left and this one is going on almost perfectly.  Outer two ribs on both ends of the leading edge get solid rivets shot and  bucked by yours truly.  The 3rd rib from the outboard gets LP4-3 rivets, and the fourth rib from the outboard gets  LP4-4 rivets.   In the internal shot below you are looking at the second rib from the outboard and the 3rd rib from the outboard further in.  Lookin good.

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