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Friday, January 29, 2010

Fuselage on order ! !

Sorry, long time since last post.  I am still making progress, just haven't gotten any recent pics.   The right tank is ready for the baffle which will go in this weekend closing it out.   Then a week of drying before the pressure test.  Will try to get more pics up soon.

Today was a big day none the less, I ordered my 7 fuse..   Got the order in before the prices go up in Feb and due to extra order volumes, Van's will take about 3 months for delivery.  Perfect for me at my current pace.

I am going with the Tip Up canopy for the extra visibility and a tail dragger version of course; as it looks way better..   The only debate that I was really on the fence with was right side (passenger) brake pedals..  Decided to go without.  Here was my thinking:

Tail Dragger RVs can still be steered by the pedals on the right side without brakes; Trike RVs must use brakes for steering.

Additional Brake pedals weigh more, Cost $$, and have more opportunity for leaks or problems with the brake cylinders.

Also, realistically right side brakes can be dangerous on a tail dragger.  Tall person hitting those brakes by accident on takeoff or landing, or even taxi is equal to an immediate nose over, which is equal to about 25 thousand bucks..   So - No right side pedals for me.

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