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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deburring/Dimpling forever . .

Since I need a large section of time for the next step with the right tank (birthday weekend coming up.  ;-))  I decided to use this week to get the right wing skeleton ready.  Deburring/Dimpling thousands of holes and working the edges of the skins so that it is ready when the tank is complete.  Actually just getting the right wing to the same stage as the left wing as quickly as possible.

On the skins, I am working the scarf joint between the two overlapping skins.  Also using my new cleavland edge roller to make the edges slightly bent inward on the rivet lines where they overlap the spar and other skins.  This keeps the skin from folding up when final riveting is complete and just looks much better in general.  Lots of work to get these skins ready, and I haven't even scotchbrighted them or primed them yet.. 

Of course tonight, was working on the skeleton with the deburring tool..  One of those things you can do without getting out of your work clothes.  But oh my back..  ;-)

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