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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Arizona is cool at Christmas !

OK, so I didn't get to work on my plane this week, but Arizona has been feeding my RV addiction plenty.   I posted out on VAF asking if anybody out there wanted to have an RV project visit, and someone (Call sign Kettle Korn) from the boards responded.  Boy did it lead to some fun times.   He lives on Stellar airpark and has an RV-7 completed and one in process, all his neighbors are building RVs.  I saw 4 under construction and learned tons.  Also, went back after Christmas for some fun flying with another friend of his (Call sign T-Rex) and we did some formation flying of two and three.  Ate lunch at Eloy and watched Skydive Arizona go off for about an hour, then headed home working through some unusual attitude (Extreme unusual attitudes;-)) flying around Phoenix area, then cutting paths through the mountains at about 100 feet off the deck.  Also flew a high speed pass over Steller as a finale on the way back in.   Here are some pics/vids..  This has fed my building appetite for the next year I think.  ;-) 

AFTER watching these Vids, CLICK THE BACK BUTTON in your Internet Explorer to get to this page.

Check out this link of a Flight of Two Take off:  Flight of Two; Taking off Eloy
Another Video of T-Rex passing Kettle Korn:   Air to Air; Overtaking RV
Another Video of Air To Air RV formation:  Air to Air; Flight of Three RV's

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