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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Left Wing Leading Edge Complete !

OK, I am kind of slowing down on the building but hope to kick it into high gear over the next couple of weeks.   My B-day is coming up and Bekah has promised me an entire day of riveting ! !  Which will come in handy working on the right tank.   For now though I did finish dabing sealant on the stiffeners on the right tank and as well completely finished mounting the left Wing leading edge.  Here ar some pics with quite a bit fewer clecoes.  ;-)  Yeah !

I had challenges with riveting the ribs to the spar on the left leading edge, so ended up using LP4-3 and 4 rivets on the inner most two ribs.  All the other ribs I was able to reach with regular rivets without too much problem.  With my experience, I am sure the right wing will look better, it took me lots of tries with the rivet puller to get it to set the rivets flush.  I ended up grinding the cheap puller down to almost nothing and it worked great.  The key is to bevel the very tip of the puller so that it could go in at an angle and still be flat on the rivet on the surface.   Also, bend the rivet pin just a bit so that you can get into the corner.  EAA has videos on how to get into tight spaces with pop rivets.   Worked great.

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