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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Left Tank Baffle

Last night was a dousy..  Just like everything else, I underestimated the task..  Who would have thought it would take 4 hours to install the baffle..  With some troubles including pop rivets not going in the holes easily to swapping out the squeezer for the rivet gun and bucking bar in some spots, I think I  used all my tools, got them all mucky, and was under pressure of the black death starting to set up.  For some reason this was probably the highest stress point of the project thus far.  Those stress points keep seeming to get worse as more money and time go into the project..   And I have a long way to go..  Ut oh..    Rebekah came out and saved me though; on the final step of squeezing the skin rivets we burned through that pretty fast.  But oh boy what a learning experience.  End of the day we got the job done and I am pretty happy with it.   On the root Z-bracket I needed to use the gun vs. the squeezer and I might need to re-look at the rivets on that one, but I can take my time to re-do anything there if necessary.  For the most part the baffle is in and looking good.

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