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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Left Tank - Getting Close

This weekend I was able to put both end ribs into the left tank.  At this point all that is left now is closing it out with the rear baffle and then bolting on the access cover.  I may take the tank to the EAA meeting on Tuesday of this week and see what the guys have to say.  Also, I will start working on the right tank since the left tank has gotten so far ahead.  I want to keep the wings as close together as possible as I build this.  Also, Vans is going to raise pricing on kits starting Feb 1st..   So I am going to order my Fuse on Jan 29th to get current pricing.  Hopefully with the rush, delivery times will be huge..   I expect to be ready for the fuselage April ish.   So I might have it sitting in the garage for a few weeks while I finish some odds and ends on the wings, but at the same time this deadline gives me motivation....  here are some pics of the vent line and the end ribs on the left tank.

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