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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Left Tank Proseal - It is as bad as they say..

There are two camps, the ones who complain about pro-seal and the ones who say its not that bad..   I am confident that the people who complain about the sealant are correct.  The ones who say it isn't that bad must have had a lot of time go by since their last time they used it on the tanks.  It must seem better as you look back over time because right now its not fun..   I am progressing though on the left tank, and almost ready to final install the capacitive senders and close it up.  I am sure you get better with the stuff and I am, but still, its not the most fun part of the project.

I spent all weekend riveting with Rebekah, and then as well filleting the joints of the ribs and the skin stiffeners.  I can't believe how slow going this is..

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