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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Misc Stuff

OK, no pictures, but I have been making progress. I have match drilled the left wing spars to ribs and pulled the assembly back apart deburred and am now prepping those ribs for priming. Also, been working on the shop a bit, have the right wing skeleton hanging in the stand waiting for the match drilling. Hopefully will get to that tonight and take some photos.

Also working on jacks to support the center of the wing since it sags a bit in the stands, and as well am creating dunk baths for the aluminprep/alodine process that I plan to put the ribs through. For those Purists out there I am working on a assembly line type of bath system that might be pretty cool. Here is hopin.. Either way, will go with the PPG Epoxy primer on the ribs because its pretty and also seems to be lighter than the rattle can.. Pretty soon my technicolor wing skeleton is going to be looking good.

Also I had a friend pick up some parts from Vans. I got the Deluxe fuel caps, a flop tube, wing conduit, and the right wing tie down which I have been waiting for. Now I can get the wings back to the same point. Want to keep them at the same stage as much as I can.

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