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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ribs, Ribs, Ribs

Since I was out of primer, and needed something to work on I started on the ribs. It's going to take several sessions so I thought I would at least get started. Things went well but while deburring with the scotchbright wheel, I sure wish I wore a dust mask. My sinuses have been messed up ever since.

My huge articulating drill press came in handy for this step.. I turned it up to its highest speed and went to work. Deburring edges and lightening holes with ease. Actually once I got into the ribs, there were tons more than I expected, but I was able to get the edges deburred all in one sitting. I still need to finish up the insides of the bends with hand tools which will take for ever, but at least I got a start at it.

Here is an example of how I am working the leading edges. I got this tip from Brad's website which you can access from my home page, but using emery cloth like dental floss is working well on the nose ribs. There can't be any sharp edges anywhere.. Wow, lots of work to do.


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