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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wings Are Here ! !

Yesterday my Wing Kit finally arrived. I met the FedEx guy and between the two of us we were able to get the two boxes into my garage. All went well, but my only concern was that the big box was standing up on its side. Vans didn't mark it very well if it was supposed to remain with the flat side up, so I accepted it and started tearing it apart. Everything looked well protected inside, so I don't think there was any issue.

I haven't inventoried it yet, but have taken a look at some of the parts. I was surprised that all there really is in the kit is Skins, Ribs, Spars, and misc parts.. But then I guess that is all that is really in a wing anyway. Oh, and two huge fiberglass tips.. So, to finish the final sanding on my Rudder/VS, then full focus to wings.. Good thing we have a long weekend coming our way. ;-)

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