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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Shop Prep / Starting the Spars

Today was a huge day of progress. I was able to get the shop 100% into Shape for the wings. and even got started on countersinking the spars to prep for the nut plates that hold on the tank.

First a few things around the shop. The wing jig is complete and I used wood from the crates to help strengthen and as well provide locations for storage of items up high. I didn't want to drill into the concrete so I used some RTV (all I had was high temp, but oh well) to seal the bottom of the posts to the concrete.. It dried pretty stout and I dont think I will have a problem cleaning it up when done.

Also, I used plywood to create a pocket for the skins on the garage wall. Works for now anyway. I was able to use almost all of the crate material around the shop, saving a bit of cash, but more importantly reducing having to get rid of the stuff.. At least for now.

Found some time in the middle of everything to prime all the plate nuts as well as the aileron counter weights. Used Rattle can, and was really no problem, but tons of plate nuts.

The big event for the day was actually starting the spar prep. I had to predrill, then machine countersink for the nut plate attach rivets. Using Electrician's tape keeps the shavings out of the spar and won't leave residue on the anodized surface like most other tape. I haven't countersinked for the #8 screws yet but will save that for tomorrow.

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