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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wings Delayed - Continued fiberglass

I sent a message to Van's asking about my wings and they indicated they were delayed. I would have hoped they would tell me proactively, but they only told me in reply to my query. It seems they ran out of some skins so I should be expecting the call from FedEx this Friday or more likely next week. The two week delay is OK though because it gave me time to finish all the tips on the Emp, other than the task of filling and sanding the joints.

At this point I have all tips riveted on and the ends closed out. I may try to fill the joints at least on the Rudder and Vertical Stabilizer before the wings come. This task will take lots of time and repetition. After cleaning and scuffing all surfaces, I mix epoxy with some microlight filler which turns into a peanut butter consistency. Then like Bondo on cars, I fill any holes, joints, or gaps.. Once dry I sand, then do it again and again until I have a completely smooth contour between the Rudder tip and the Vertical Stab. Look for pics over the next few days, but as soon as the wings get here, this all stops until a later date..

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