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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Misc Emp items while I wait for wings

Ok, the wings didn't get here last week so hopefully I will get a call from Fed Ex on tomorrow for delivery. I ended up doing some unplanned items on the Emp Since I had some spare time. Gave me some additional fiberglass practice and also got me just that much further along.

First I closed out the HS tips with Balsa and fiberglass which ended up being easier than I expected. Working with Glass and Fiber was kind of cool since all work to date has been with aluminum. I made a template out of cardboard, then cut the balsa, then sanded it to fit smoothly. Once I test fit it, glued it in and then put reinforcement behind it. Was really happy how it turned out.

I also final drilled the center of the elevators using a bushing I found at Lowes for .58 cents.. Was quite hard final drilling through the steel on the control arms, but was able to get it done and it turned out pretty nice. No binding as the elevators move up and down.

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