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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Empennage gets set aside for now..

I finished working on the Emp for a while, wings should be here this week and I need to get ready. I was able to close out the rudder and both elevators with final rivets. I haven't closed out the Horizontal Stab or Fin yet since I will need to do some additional work with Balsa, or foam to fully close out the fairing. But for now I have a good start on it and can work on the tips during other slow parts of the build.

I also torqued all nuts on the Emp last night and played with Torque Seal for the first time. (Didn't use torque seal on the rudder, but did torque the counterbalance) I think I got this all figured out. My understanding is that you don't put the torque seal on the treads of the bolt, only the nut, washers, and back plate. I had to torque the elevator counterbalance before closing the tip since you can't reach it after words.

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