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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Horizontal Stabilizer; Rear Spar

Today I started some of the work on the Rear Spar of the Horizontal Stabilizer. Just starting to get my feet wet, but did squeeze my first few rivets outside of Practice Projects. I am trying to figure out how to label my parts so that as I clean them and prime them I can make sure every hole is in the same spot as it goes back together. I am sure I will figure that one out, but the more parts the more difficult that step will be. If you don't get everything back on the correct side, and correct side up, then all the match drilling will be for nothing. Gotta make sure those holes are exact.

Also, Some concern over scratches in the ribs and spars as they came from Van's I am sure the scratches will buff out and won't be noticable with the primer, but still.. I don't want any scratches on my metal.. The skins look good and of course that is the most important pieces..

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