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Monday, May 25, 2009

Right Skin of Horizontal Stabilizer

Happy Memorial Day !

We were able to start work on the right side of the HS today. Its looking pretty good except for a scratch on the skin that came from the factory. Really bummed because I noticed a slice in the plastic, but didn't think much of it initially.. Started working and just by chance happened to pick the wrong skin for the left side, which force me to use the one with the slice on the right side. The way it turned out, the slice had to be on the top as well. Pealing back the blue plastic, sure enough a gouge right through the metal.. This was noticed too late to do anything about as well, but luckily it is pretty small and clear on the outside so its not structural.
Other than that, it looks great, we made tons of progress and should be able to finish the stabilizer in a few days. Check out the pics.

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