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Thursday, May 14, 2009


OK, lots of dimpling has taken place. I got the entire skeleton of both sides complete, as well as a good start on the skin. Still working on setting up my table for the DRDT 2, so I can't dimple the entire skin just yet. A local friend has a table that he is willing to loan me, so hopefully I can pick that up this weekend after the RV builders class. Will have to see.

A couple questions I have that need to be answered deal with the trim cable hole, and if I need the same size hole as indicated since I may be doing electric trim. Will need to follow up on that one. Also, I need to know if I need to dimple the 10 holes where the fairings attach to the HS. Those are good questions to ask in the workshop this weekend.

Here is a pic of me using the squeezer to dimple the skin of the left stabilizer.

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